Skunkworks Machining & Fabrication

From the back of a napkin to a finished part. ™

Our Capabilities

We make your parts faster while maintaining the accuracy and complex features you need— from really big to itty-bitty parts, loose to tight tolerances (and everything in between) we can make exactly what you want...

Software Capabilities

  • Top of the line, fully integrated CAD / CAM / PDM software suite
  • Rapid prototyping for physical and digital representations
  • Digital Part / Assembly Analysis

Machining Capabilities

  • Full 5-axis milling
  • 4-axis turning with a sub-spindle
  • 3" spindle through bore
  • Milling machine work envelope: X-64", Y-32", Z-29", B- +95°/-115°, C- Full 360°
  • Repeatable to  0.0003 inches
  • Lathe work envelope: Z-23", X-20", Y-2", fully programmable B & C
  • Radial and axial live tooling

Quality Control

  • CMM
  • Optical Comparator
  • Renishaw Probing Systems
  • Quality at the Source (Micrometers, Thread Gauges, Bore Gauges, Block Gauges, Pins, Calipers, etc.)

Our 5th axis can quickly make any part you want...

Our dual-spindle lathe drastically cuts down your production time...

Even your most intricate parts are simple...

We are more than just a typical machine shop... We can take incomplete drawings (even simple sketches) and work with you to turn them into professional drawings ready for manufacturing.  

So in other words, you don't have to be perfect to get the perfect part!

Skunkworks Machining & Fabrication

From the back of a napkin to a finished part.

Submit your design now and let's get started...

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